Tell Me When To Stop Podcast
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We did a marathon podcast this past Saturday during the 3rd annual Cape Fear Comedy Festival that took place here in Wilmington, NC From May 2nd - May 5th, 2012.

Our third set of guests on the podcast were Alex Grubard and Gordon Baker-Bone.

Alex Grubard is from Massachusetts and has been working out of Philly and New York. Alex talks about his idea of how the South was suposed to be before he got here to Wilmington, NC. Alex creats elaborate backstories. He also talks about the saddest State in the US. Lew decides he is moving to Nevada. Alex gives Lew a new secret ingredient for his cooking. You can follow him on Twitter @Alexgrubard

Gordon Baker-Bone is from New Jersey. Gordon talks about his bad credit and a paternity scare. Coming up with a “I am not a Daddy dance”. The guys try and figure out whats Lew’s kid would be like. They discuss if you can take back things you bought for a kid when you find out the kid is not yours. Gordon wants everyone to know he is DTF (Down to Fuck). The studio is a “Pornicopia”. We discuss filming ourselves having sex. Gordon creates a new type of weapon but the logistics of how it works is a bit shakey. There may be a movie featuring the Pitch Fork Shotgun keep an eye out for that one the premise will be sort of like the black version on Hunger Games. Gordon promotes the local adult industry and we all discuss comics going to a stip club together. Lew breaks the no dick out rule. Gordon tells us of a fight between a little person and a special needs child. In certian places a Coldstone Creamery is just like an eviction notice. You can follow him on Twitter @BakerBone